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Production Equipment

Materials Corporation(Japan) and Junkou Tsushou Co., Ltd.(Japan) with a total investment of $ 48 million USD. The Company owns a factory area with the designed annual processing capacity of 450,000 m3 of logs with their world-class production lines.

Twin band table resaw (4set)
Moulding machine (5set)
Cross cut saw(26set)
Log debarker (4set)
Double sizer(3set)
Twin band saw (3set)
Two face planer with gang rip saw (4set)
Rotary pressing machine (5set)
Plane gluing machine(2set)
Kiln dryer (135m3x40set)
Horizontal band saw (5set)
Finger jointing machine (7set)
Log sorting Machine (1set)
High frequency gluing machine, gluing
Anti-sapstain mould chemical treatment equipment (3set)
Production Equipment:
Sawmilling equipment
Twin band saw(3set)
Twin band table resaw(4set)
Single band table resaw(1set)
Single band saw with auto carriage(1set)
Horizontal band saw(5set)
Two saw edger(5set)
Two face planer with gang rip saw(4set)
Secondary processing equipment
Two face planer(1set)
One face planer(1set)
Rip saw(6set)
Double sizer(3set)
Cross cut saw(26set)
Gang rip saw(1set)
Finger jointing machine(7set)
Rotary pressing machine(5set)
Moulding machine(5set)
Wide belt sander(3set)
Vacuum shrink wrapping machine(1set)
Stress grading machine(1set)
Proof loader(1set)
Bending test machine(2set)
Constant temperature dryer(2set)
Other equipment
Log sorting Machine(1set)
Log debarker(4set)
Kiln dryer(120mx30set)
Anti-sapstain mould chemical treatment equipment(3set)


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